Your Very Timely, Extremely Accurate, Thorough, and Correct Guide to the 2017 Underground Music Showcase: Thursday, July 27

This is my first time attending the four day festival held at various venues along Denver’s South Broadway St. Whether it’s also your first time, or your second time, this is the exact schedule you should follow in order to maximize your fun this weekend. Take it from me, a guy who’s never been to this fest, and has only ever been to a handful of fests in his entire life.

6:00 PM –Opening Party, Alf 45+1

Skylark Lounge

Kicking things off is the “Opening Party”. Could be cool. Could be boring. Alf 45+1 is DJing and I bet someone might give a brief speech and thank some sponsors. Maybe there will be free stickers and magnets!  


7:00 PM – Christopher the Conquered

Illegal Pete’s

Scoot on down to Illegal Pete’s for some chips and guac and take in the talented piano playing young man whose name probably gets abbreviated as CtC. Anyway, he’s the first non-DJ set of the festival and from the two songs I sampled on Spotify this morning, he kinda sounds like Neil Diamond!


8:00 PM – Matt Rouch & the Noise Upstairs

Skylark Lounge

Here’s where things start to get tricky. Now there are 8 different acts playing at the exact same time! How to choose? I say pick one at random and see what happens. You got a full belly now and a light buz going, so maybe you’re willing to move on to a new spot. How about back to Skylark to see Matt Rouch & the Noise Upstairs? Nice. MR&TNU sound like if Mumford and Sons was your local band and wasn’t so commercial. OR, if you’re too full to move, stick around and vibe with Corsicana. I think he’s 17 years old and sings like a lover boy.


9:00 PM – Anthony Ruptak


The 9PM slot is a bit weak. AR&TMF could be worth checking out though, over at Hi-Dive. Get a PBR and let the darkness of this venue overwhelm you.


10:00PM – Colfax Speed Queen

3 Kings

Colfax Speed Queen! Hell yeah! Punk Rock! Local Band! You’ve been to any bar/restaurant/shop on Colfax, yes? You know how it’s like cool but a little scary? That’s what these guys are like. Have some good ol fashion punk rock fun at 10pm at 3 Kings Tavern.


11:00 PM – Left Hand Shakes

Illegal Pete’s

Next, head back to Illegal Pete’s for LHS. Very cool band of young people with talent. I’m into it. Second place for the 11PM slot goes to the (relatively) well known Aldous Harding over at Hi-Dive. She’s a bit slow and soft for my taste, but I get why people enjoy her style.


12:00 AM – CRL CRRLL

Irish Rover

Now it’s midnight, and you’re feeling it. Time to boogie with CRL CRRLL over at the Irish Rover. Or, if you’re ready for your night time lullaby, head back to Skylark and check out the young, talented, RL Cole and his smooth country western style.


1:00AM – Bad Licks


If you’re not dead yet, bang your head against the wall while Bad Licks plays. Then go to bed bc there’s three more days of this ahead of you.



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