Your Very Timely, Extremely Accurate, Thorough, and Correct Guide to the 2017 Underground Music Showcase: Friday, July 28

This is my first time attending the four day festival held at various venues along Denver’s South Broadway St. Whether it’s also your first time, or your second time, this is the exact schedule you should follow in order to maximize your fun this weekend. Take it from me, a guy who’s never been to this fest, and has only ever been to a handful of fests in his entire life.

6:00 PM – Rumors Follow

Skylark Lounge

Day two! That wristband you’re still wearing (and have to wear for the next three days) is pretty annoying, but who gives a heck! Rumors Follow is here to get you back in the groove. Some hot pop on a hot Saturday afternoon sounds like the right way to start the second round of UMS. Hopefully you run into the same friends you drunkenly made on day one! They definitely remember you!
7:00 PM – Ghost Tapes

Skylark Lounge

Dang, still at Skylark.  That’s okay, you can get in a game of shuffleboard between acts if you’re bored.  There’s plenty of cool shit to look at at this laid back classic style lounge.  Ghost Tapes hasn’t even released an album yet, but they’re soundcloud page is a promising collection of four soulful jams.


8:00 PM – Random Temple

South Broadway Christian Church

Time to switch up venues and find some Jesus.  Random Temple puts out some super chill vibes that will most definitely reverberate nicely off the inner church walls of South Broadway Christian Church.  Will they serve alcohol in there?  This is kinda confusing.

*Alternate* – We’s Us @ Hornet.  If you’re afraid of church and want a more upbeat show.


9:00 PM – Red Fang

Main Stage (old KMART parking lot)

Time for the main event ladies and gentlemen.  Red Fang brings years of hard ass rocking experience back to Denver for what feels like the tenth time in the last calendar year.  Buckle up, bang your head, chug some beers (PBR is preferred), and get buckwild.

*Alternate* – Twin Flame Medicine @ Hornet.  This would be your non heavy metal option.

Switching from future to past tense because I didn’t have time to finish this post before we went out…

10:00 PM – Male Blonding

Gary Lee’s

So at this point I hadn’t done enough research to know where the heck to go (Lots going on in my life okay, gimme a break).  We attempted to get into Hi-Dive, but the line was too long for an unknown band.  So we ended up at Gary Lee’s, because we hadn’t checked out the scene yet.  Gary Lee’s is seedy as heck.  People be smokin weed out there on the patio! Can you believe it?!



Skylark Lounge

Let’s get back to what we know, right?  Skylark, aw yeah.  Except this band was exactly what you think they’d sound like with a name like HERESTOFIGHTIN.  What the hell is that? All caps, no spaces? Did the caps lock button get stuck? AND the space bar broke? Dang.


12:00 AM – Sugar Skulls & Marigolds

Irish Rover

Where’s the last place you just gotta go every night on South Broadway? IRISH ROVER AWW YEAH HECK YEAH BUDDY.  You’re drunk, go home.


1:00 AM – The Other Black

3 Kings


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