Your Very Timely, Extremely Accurate, Thorough, and Correct Guide to the 2017 Underground Music Showcase: Saturday, July 29

This is my first time attending the four day festival held at various venues along Denver’s South Broadway St. Whether it’s also your first time, or your second time, this is the exact schedule you should follow in order to maximize your fun this weekend. Take it from me, a guy who’s never been to this fest, and has only ever been to a handful of fests in his entire life.


12:00 PM – South of France (Swedish Pop DJ Set)

Syntax Physic Opera

Day three and the exhaustion is setting in, huh? Well buck up buttercup! Because today is another big day.  Start it off at the new cool venue called Syntax Physic Opera.  Maybe get an uber ride there in the drizzling rain and watch the middle aged man struggle to figure out the uber app and pull over twice during your 2 mile ride 🙂


1:00 PM – Panther Martin

Syntax Physic Opera

The first time I saw these guys, the lead singer was singing through a 90s style telephone and it had this grainy distorted kind of effect to it.  This time the effect was the same but the microphone was a little more typical.  The Opera name is a bit misleading, but the setting is still very conducive to a mid day show where the hungover concert goers are still having their morning coffee.  Be sure to check out the old timey guns on display between the bar and show room.


2:00 PM – The So Help Me’s


It’s two girls attempting to achieve harmony on two different mic’s while they sway to a fro in their frilly dresses and swing around middle school theater props with tassels.  The only thing is that you might not be able to see them because their lighting situation is a bit dim.  Okay, bottom line is, don’t go to Hi-Dive while the sun is still up.


3:00 PM – Iced Coffee

Mutiny Information Cafe

Take a break! This constant concert thing can get really exhausting! Grab a coffee courtesy of Pablo’s Coffee , look at some books, play a quick game of chess after refreshing yourself on the rules. Take a load off.


4:00 PM – Nap time


Okay to be honest that coffee didn’t work.  And i’m writing this on Sunday morning. So what happened was that I needed a nap. Okay? Gimme a break.  Let’s fast forward to the evening…


12:00 AM – Brothertiger

Irish Rover

Holy Shit. Irish Rover was not even fun.  Way too many people in such a cramped little space.  Brothertiger could’ve been good, but I’m not sure because I was busy making sure I didn’t get knocked over or abducted.  Also, it was just him. No supplementing band, which was disappointing.

The End.

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