Your Very Timely, Extremely Accurate, Thorough, and Correct Guide to the 2017 Underground Music Showcase: Sunday, July 30

This is my first time attending the four day festival held at various venues along Denver’s South Broadway St. Whether it’s also your first time, or your second time, this is the exact schedule you should follow in order to maximize your fun this weekend. Take it from me, a guy who’s never been to this fest, and has only ever been to a handful of fests in his entire life.

12:00 PM – Don’t even try

It’s too early

Sleep in.  Eat a good breakfast at the Breakfast King where the coffee never stops coming and the waitresses all call you “honey”.  It’s heaven.


8:30 PM – Benjamin Booker

Main Stage

The headlining attraction for the weekend.  Finish up your fun filled, four day frenzy with this soulful group.  Be sure to check out the tents in the area and grab some free shwag.

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