5 Bands From Down Under Not Named Men at Work That You Should Know

Saskwatchsaskwatch album cover

One of my favorite bands ever, Saskwatch.  Mix piano melodies in with a hot one, two on the drums, mixed in with timely horns, all under the beautiful tones of lead singer Nkechi Anele, and you get this neo-soul, pop rock, fun loving and heartstring pulling Melbourne band.  ‘Leave It All Behind’ (2012) is a cover to cover instant classic.  ‘Nose Dive’ (2014) was recorded in Philadelphia, is enjoyable for the entire 39 minutes, and includes possibly my favorite song ever, ‘Born to Break Your Heart’.  The most recent two albums were a bit of a side step.  The band has recently ditched the horn section and rotated out some other members of the group.  I can still get down with ‘Sorry I Let It Come Between Us’ (2015),  and ‘Manual Override’ (2017), but it’s tough when the bar gets set so high, so early in their career.  Still, come to the US and tour. Or, just stay down there and I’ll come visit Melbourne?

Sex On ToastSex on Toast album cover

Go on, get down.  Sex on Toast is reviving the big hair, fog machine, echo jams of the mid 80s.  I have no idea where it comes from, but it’s incredible.  If I asked my parents (who went to college in the 80s!) what year the new single, ‘4 U’, they would say 1984, probably.  There’s a heavy dose of humor in their balads, but mostly it’s just true, original, love bangers that I can’t stop listening to.  If you get anything out of this post, I hope to god it’s this public access video. Their self titled first album, flush with electric piano and bass, had me singing along and thrusting my hips after the first listen.  ‘Oh, Loretta’ will bring any house down, any day, any night, any time.

Yumi ZoumaYumi Zouma

Okay fine, they live on three different continents and dropbox each other their music , a la The Postal Service, but they all met and started out in Christchurch, NZ.  When the earthquake hit in 2011, devastating the city of Christchurch, Yumi Zouma band members scattered across the globe (France, US, and NZ).  They continued to stay in touch through their music, collectively releasing the hit ‘A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers’ on the EP, ‘EP’ via record label Cascine.  Full length album, ‘Yoncalla’ followed in 2016.  And, with several singles trickling out in 2017, a new album appears to be on the horizon.

Total Giovannitotal giovanni

Another great artist out of Melbourne, Australia, Total Giovanni knows how to rock an electro-beat.  It’s always cleverly mixed and right on point with the hand claps, funky baseline, and isolated electric piano.  Total Giovanni pumps me up for anything.  Try out ‘When We Break’, which is a quality, quality track.  With only 5 officially released songs, there’s not much to pick from.  But, maybe he’s just not letting the product get watered down.  The delightfully fun video for ‘Your Light’ was released just a month ago and already has 4,600 views.

The Preaturesthe preatures

It’s impossible to deny the fun behind 2014 single ‘Is This How You Feel’ off their debut album ‘Planet Blue Eyes’.  The rest of the album is totally valid of a listen through too.  So, much was expected out of the highly anticipated follow up album released this year.  ‘Girlhood’ did not disappoint.  Another very solid album, conjuring up the late 80s rock feel that seems to be spreading like the flu on the world’s smallest continent.  Although, these guys are from Sydney, rather than Melbourne.  ‘Yanada‘ is my fav off the new record.

This has been your 5 Band Breakdown for the week of September 4, 2017

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