Calling All ‘Toy Story’ Fans, Randy Newman Is On NPR’s Tiny Desk

Randy Newman, most famous for his music featured in the Toy Story movies, holds a special place in any 90s Baby’s heart.  He recently released a new album, ‘Dark Matter’ and is featured in the most recent episode of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk series.


If you’re like me, and you watched Toy Story and Toy Story 2 many, many times during your exceptionally formative childhood years, and you haven’t really heard Randy Newman in a little while, this was delightfully refreshing and nostalgic.  His voice is such a distinct trigger for all those childhood emotions and memories.  His voice makes me think of my family, his lyrics make me think about life, and his ability on the piano makes me sit back and marvel at the whole performance.  He’s funny as heck, thoughtful and considerate, and a little paranoid maybe? But I’ll forgive him for that.  He’s seen an awful lot in his 73 years, and he’s seen an awful lot of change.  The overwhelming feeling I get when I listen to Randy Newman is friendship and love, and I hope he knows he’s had a profoundly positive impact on this world.

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