Gun Control is the Dumbest Debate We Have

It’s dumber than abortion. It’s dumber than global warming. It’s dumber than Blue/Black Lives Matter.

People who think climate change isn’t real, have the moral high ground over people who think Americans deserve the right to own an AR-15. People who think the earth is flat have the moral high ground over people who think Americans deserve the right to own an AR-15. People who think the use contraceptives is a sin, have the moral high ground over people who think anyone should be allowed to own an AR-15. People who think universal health care is a bad idea, have the moral high ground over people who think someone should be able to own as many guns as they want. People who think “All lives matter” is an appropriate response to “Black lives matter”, have the moral high ground over people who think there’s nothing we can do about eliminating mass shootings.

Give up your gun. Not because you’re not a responsible gun owner who could suddenly snap and do people killing with your people killing machine, but because you sympathize with the victims of mass shootings and you understand that it’s the right thing to do, at the very least as a gesture towards meaningful action to solving the problem.

I know it’s hard. Because guns make you feel strong and safe. Maybe guns connect you to your father or grandfather or mother or sister because you grew up hunting and target shooting together. I know it’s hard. But IMAGINE what it would mean to the kids who watched their friends get mowed down right in front of them on Valentines Day. On Ash Wednesday. If you had an ash cross on your forehead on Wednesday as a symbol of your faith, your relationship to God, your dedication to serving others and more specifically as a symbol of reflection upon your sins and the dedication of the next 40 days to being a better person, doing good for others, respecting your fellow being, in anticipation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, then you should have no problem understanding that your gun is doing more harm than good and that it is beyond time to stand up and have your voice heard.

Maybe you’re thinking, “the real root cause of the problem is the mental health of these kooks. The bigger problem here is how to help these deranged individuals.” Good news! You might be right! But identifying those who need help and providing the adequate amount of attention and expertise to those individuals is a really big and difficult challenge. What is unarguably an easier solution to the problem would be to remove the killing machine from the situation. The logic goes, as I understand it, crazy person + gun = mass shooting. By removing “gun” the equation no longer works. You could certainly argue that by removing “crazy person” the equation would also, still not work. But achieving a 100% not-crazy population, I think you would agree, is not exactly a reasonable expectation. What you might consider to also be unreasonable, but could concede that it’s at least physically possible, is to remove guns from people. All people. The equation no longer works, and the problem is solved. Let’s get back to the debates about legalizing weed.

Maybe you think nothing is gonna change. We’re too far gone, and I’m just one person. It doesn’t matter what I say, we’ll never get rid of all the guns. I promise you that’s not true. Your family cares what you say. And other families care about what your family says. And other communities care about what your community of families say. The time for debate is over. The solution is infuriatingly clear. It’s time to demand change. Talk about it. Post about it. Blog about it. Vote about it. We can’t do nothing.

We’re calling BS. I’m sick of talking about this.


    Chicago year to date:
    Shot & killed: 52
    Shot & wounded: 215
    Total shot: 267

    It was almost all black-on-black illegal drug fueled which explains why hardly anybody including BackLivesMatter knows or cares. Saves the police the trouble.
    Same in Atlanta, Kansas City, LA
    And it wasn’t with AR-15’s.

    The first step in a solution is correctly identifying the problem and it isn’t the tool.
    Owning a gun is less onerous than getting a driver’s license and those are passed out to anybody who can fog a mirror. Australia, UK, Japan all have the right idea.

    Nobody saw this^12 coming. Yeah, right.

    Giving known crazy/careless/clueless/people/felons/paranoids a pass to avoid hurting their po’ little 2nd amendment self-esteem has to stop.

    On the other hand, all of our civil liberties are just a successful liberal knee-jerk away.


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