*Hot Colorado Take* Summer is Better Than Winter

Here’s a take that some of you Coloradan crazies might find a bit off the wall: Summer is a better season than winter.

Summer, when the sun comes out and the windows can be opened, is better than winter, when the heat must remain on, but not so on that the energy bill doubles so just put on another sweatshirt and pair of socks.  Winter is cold, and dark.  The sun goes away at 4:30pm for crying out loud.  Whereas in the summer, the sun remains above the horizon until as late as 9pm in some cases!

I know the snow is very cool and interesting.  It allows for sliding and gliding down magnificent mountainsides.  I’ve experienced this.  It is truly a rush and quite a bit of good fun.  But, have you considered that being warmed by the natural heat of our closest star, the source of all life on the planet, could be even more enjoyable than the sliding and the gliding? Could this feeling actually be better than skiing? The answer is yes.  Add on to that, grilling food, drinking outdoors, flip flops/sandals, camping, fresh fruit and vegetables, and fresh air that does not sting your nostrils and it’s not even close anymore.

You can still get your shred on, don’t worry.  The bike trails will be open.  Skateboards are cheap and can be taken anywhere.  Roller blades could be cool.  Also, you could try out traditional sports if you really get that bored.  Basketball on the outdoor courts, soccer in a grassy field, baseball or softball on a patch of good dirt always makes me feel better.

And guess what sheeple, summer is here. Winter is over.  Crack a beer, sit outside and soak it in,  because it only lasts until September, when the darkness creeps back into our lives once again.

Summer over winter.  Na-na-na boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.

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