Meanwhile, In the Underground…

While Lil Yachty, and 6ix9ine, and Lil Pump, and Future, and Quavo, and Lil Baby currently capture the attention of the masses with their beautiful face tattoos, the underground hip-hop scene continues to thrive.  It’s time to check in on the underground. Let’s see what’s good.


“Down to Earth”, released just this week (October 16, 2018) is the second full length release from Phoniks in this calendar year.  It seems like all this man does is produce hip hop of the finest quality.  He collaborates frequently with fellow Don’t Sleep record label founder, Awon, microphone murderer, Dephlow, as well as established artists like Oddisee, Tiff the Gift, Granata and others. The discography is deep, but I encourage you to explore.  If you’re interested in head bobbing, cruising in your whip on a sunny day, or just vibing out in general, Phoniks has you covered for literally hours.


I guess beige album covers are in season! You might already be familiar with Soulchef, producers of the classic “Eye’s Like Blue Skies” off the 2010 release of Escapism. Since then, there’s been no signs of slowing up. “Home”, also the second full length album of the year for Soulchef, debuted less than a month ago (September 27,2018).  It’s another classic.  It fills the hip hop shaped hole in my heart and sends me about my business satisfied and smiling.  I really just can’t get over the pace of these guys. And with such quality… while Migos and Lil Face-tat toss out 11 loop tracks with unintelligible lyrics once every 18 months, these guys just give nothing but quality, and they deserve some recognition.

Von Pea

Come on now with this flow. Von Pea is effortless, cool and deadly on this latest release “I’m Good Luv, Enjoy”.  Von Pea isn’t here for the hype, the glitz or the glory.  Von Pea is to speak truth and have some fun.  Sit back and enjoy yourself.  Also, don’t forget “Chasing Amy aka In Your Heart” an all time classic, although I’m sure how you ever could.

Rejjie Snow

This guy is new for me, but got dang! it’s some freshness.  Hailing from the suburbs of Dublin, Ireland, Rejjie Snow (that’s two j’s, one i) is a new kind of artist.  Full transparency, I discovered Rejjie Snow because of his collaboration with Your Smith aka Caroline Smith on this track “23”.  But it looks like collaboration is a part of his shtick. And it’s working, the stream counts on these tracks are up in the seven digits! “Dear Annie” is only 9 months old, so get in while the gettin’s good.

Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner and Jordan Rakei are a part of this wonderful hip hop/funk/soul collection of artists currently crushing it out of London (south London (Brixton) to be more specific).  Those artists include Tom Misch and Jorja Smith, who you may have heard of.  “Ottolenghi” is a single about riding the train and it gives me comfort in these shortened October days.

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