What To Do When There’s Four Good Shows In One Night

Ever been there? When the stars align and all your favorite acts end up playing in your city on the exact same day… Ugh.  It’s like “Give me a break!”

This really could be a short blog.  You can’t be two places at once, ya know? My only advice, as an Expert in Concert Going, is to pick one you’ll enjoy the most and go to that.  Go see the band you’ve never seen before, or the venue you’ve never been to before and enjoy yourself. Be present, be there. Don’t woula-shoulda-coulda, because what is done, is done.  Make the most of it and you can check the pics and read the reviews of the other shows later.

But really this blog exists to talk about the FOUR fantastic shows, you, a local Denver live music enthusiast, can go see this Friday, May 31st.

Liz Cooper and The Stampedes; Larimer Lounge, Doors at 7:00, Show at 8:00 **SOLD OUT**

Liz Cooper, makes her return to Denver after roughly 8 months or so.  The Nashville collective (who came up along side acts like Okey Dokey, and Rayland Baxter) bring their dreamy rock and roll this time to Larimer Lounge, the pride and joy of the RiNo district.  I personally cannot wait to see this badass babe and her trusty stampede for the first time at one of my favorite venues. But by choosing to see this show, what will I be missing..?

Chromeo, Thievery Corporation; Red Rocks Amphitheater, Doors at 5:00, Show at 6:00

Doors at 5??? Maybe I CAN be two places at once!  No, no. I can’t. Chromeo has been around. And as wonderful as their live show is, we have to have priorities here.  This is Chromeo’s fifth Funk On The Rocks, and is set to be the funkiest yet. Peanut Butter Wolf opens for Adeline who opens for Big Fredia who opens for Theivery Corporation who opens for Chromeo.  It’s gonna be a good time! Who doesn’t love red rocks?! Somebody buy my tickets! (Update: Sold! more tickets available here)

Hieroglyphics; Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Doors at 8:00, Show at 9:00

It’s the Third Eye Vision 20th anniversary tour! Good god these guys are getting old! But who doesn’t love some Bay Area nostalgic hip hop? All my fellow True Hip Hop Heads will be there reciting every lyric as if it were 1999.  All original members will be there, including Del tha Funk Homosapien, so actually that is pretty frickin sweet. I’ll be jelly I’m missing this one. Shouts out to the Hieroglyphics crew. Never stop. Buy tickets here.

Casey James Prestwood and The Burning Angels; Hi-Dive, Doors at 8:00, Show at 9:00

The local legends, CJP and the BA’s are opening for (and playing along side) the Brooklyn based Zephaniah O’Hora.  Presented by Mile High Tonky, you know it’s gonna be one hell of a boot stompin’ good time. These shows usually run super late (~1am) so it’s definitely a post-other show option.  Wear your best bolo tie and order a Lone Star from the bar. It’s the best country music this side of the Mississippi. Tickets.

So tough titties pal! There’s a lot of options! Good for you! Go get drunk! Take pictures, and buy merch!!

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